Being An Entrepreneur IS A Team Sport


Over the past few weeks, I’ve been reminded about how big a part team effort is in my life in what looks like a solo event.  Allow me to explain.  Last weekend, my son and I helped my Dad while racing.  Although racing appears to be a solo sport with only one person in the car, let me assure you, it’s not.  There is more sweat and bloodshed at the pits than you can shake a stick at.  To be exact, with all the safety equipment, my Dad could not even strap himself into the car.  He simply could not reach everything.

Then there is my son who moved out to go to college.  Right now, we’re starting with the local community college in hopes of transferring to a top school later on.  We’re discussing Stanford, Berkley, and a couple of other top schools.  However, it would be absolutely impossible for him to do it on his own.  His job is to perform while my job is to handle all the other crap that goes along with it.

In both these cases, I do anything and everything to help them succeed.  My focus is 100% on them succeeding.  I am not texting, wandering off, distracted, goofing off or complaining.  I have laid on blacktop hot enough to fry an egg and stayed up late to do my son’s chores so he can go to bed early, just so they can have the best chance to succeed.  My motives are never in question.  I never ask for anything more than a ‘thanks’ and a pat on the back.  This is family; this is how it works.

Maybe there is something else I ask for – I ask for the same treatment when I need help.  When I need help looking over advertising strategies, I expect some serious thought to go into it.  It can be as simple as the little woman making sure everything behind the scenes is taken care of, bills paid, numbers line up and such.  It’s as simple as my son saying, “I’ll cover your chores so you can go get a haircut before you meet that client tomorrow” or “I’ll go fill your car with gas tonight so you don’t have to worry about it.”  It’s the little things that give me that little extra something when it’s time for me to perform.

The next time you find yourself suiting up for the games, putting on your armor, take a look around and see who’s in your corner.  Who’s carrying the load while you’re out doing battle?  Who has the ice-cold water in hand ready to give to you, the bandages ready to patch you up?  Who says the kind words when things go poorly, gives you a high five when they go well?  That is your team. Say ‘thanks’ and give them a pat on the back, they deserve it.

Being an entrepreneur IS a team sport.


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